Updating the cosinuss° Two with the Customer Flashing Tool

  • Customer Flashing Tool consisting of:
    • ps-module with charging cable (as shown in the picture below)
    • flashboard (as shown in the picture below)
  • display with HDMI-cable
  • keyboard and mouse
  • ethernet cable/simstick

First connect the HDMI-cable, charging cable, keyboard, mouse and flashboard to the ps-module. If no simstick is installed connect the ps-module to your router via ethernet cable. Once everything is connected the ps-module will boot automatically and you will see the following screen.

Now open the browser by clicking on the symbol shown with the red arrow and the following screen will appear automatically.

Connect your cosinuss° Two to the flashboard as shown in the first picture and press the button “START”. Now the flashing process starts and the cosinuss° Two is updating.

Note: If “Auto Release Sync” is enabled (as indicated on the screen) the ps-module will check for new release versions when starting and every 5 minutes afterwards. If one is found, it will be downloaded automatically. Please note: If the internet connection is note established when the flashing tool is starting, it takes 5 minutes until the flashing tool gets the newest release versions.

After the flashing process is done a status message will appear. You can disconnect the cosinuss° Two from the flashboard, everything is done.
If an error occurs please restart the process.
Note: If the sensor's battery is too low, the flashing process may fail. In this case, the sensor must be charged for a few minutes.

To start the update process of the next cosinuss° Two connect it with the flashboard and press “START” . Please repeat this for every cosinuss° Two that needs to be updated.

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