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Overview of recent updates:

  • After PEOPLE is selected in the menu bar, three options appear just below the menu bar.

  • When the mouse is hovered over a person's row, three more options become visible for that individual.

  • These options are not new features, but were partly relocated and redesigned. Our premise is to ensure is to guarantee maximum usability while ensuring reliable and accurate measurements at the same time. This is just one example of many new design updates of an overall more user-friendly and cleaner user interface.

New registration process

  • After an individual pseudonym has been selected, a revised people view is displayed.

  • There is a new method to register both sensors and LabGateways in the same menu point while creating a new person. Therefore, registration via the menu options Receiver and Device as previous is no longer possible as in the previous versions. The steps of registration and assignment of the sensors are now combined and executable in the PEOPLE menu.
  1. Select PEOPLE in the menu bar and then click on 'Create New' to create a new person.
  2. For the registration of both the devices and receivers, the six-digit serial number is entered in the field provided.
  3. If the serial number is entered correctly, the system will automatically recognize it and list it down below as a device or a receiver that has already been registered.
  4. Please, make sure that both the sensor and the cosinuss┬░ LabGateway have been registered.

Test recording

It is now possible to perform an immediate 1-minute test measurement without having to switch to the DASH interface. However, the prerequisite for this is the successful registration of receiver and device in the system. You can start the test measurement by clicking on START TEST REC.

enlightenedNote: Please note this feature is being tested and might be not available for a certain time period to make further adjustments.

After selecting ADMIN in the menu bar and then clicking on Projects, further project settings are now available.

  1. An overview of existing projects is displayed, and additional projects can be created by clicking on NEW PROJECT
  2. Through the setting EDIT it is now possible to define which observations of persons you want to record and what kind of person specific events you would like to integrate. Also, the name of the project, the timezone and the project description can be set here.
  3. Through the setting DATA function, you get an overview of all related data points of the project in a calendar view
  4. If you click on the pseudonym which is written in blue and also known as Hash-Id you will receive more details about this project.

On the right side of the screen, a new HELP button positioned vertically has been introduced. This provides additional information and assistance that is precisely tailored to the currently selected area of the website. A complete overview of all linked help articles can be found here: Especially, the new DASH data view is explained here in great detail.

Overall design update of the user interface


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